When we think of skincare, our first thoughts usually revolve around finding an excellent moisturizer and avoiding clogged pores. Many of us tend to forget about sunscreen outside of the summer season. But the truth is that it plays a huge role in contributing to a healthy complexion. While protecting your skin from UV rays contributes to beautiful-looking skin, it also helps you prevent serious skin disease. You really can't put a price on your skin's health. Basically, if you haven't been wearing sunscreen year-round, take this as a colossal blinking sign to start.

Your Skin is Exposed to UV Rays All Year Long

It's true. Even when the air is chilled and clouds fill the horizon, your skin is likely exposed to UV rays. From days spent skiing on the mountain to days spent in the office, the sun is ever-present. Not only can UV rays penetrate the clouds, but they can also penetrate glass. So when you're working in your sunny office, those sun rays can still reach you. In short, your skin gets exposed to the sun much more than you realize. Adding a high-quality sunscreen to your skincare regimen is the best way you can ensure that your complexion gets the protection it needs all year long.

Sunscreen Can Help Prevent Premature Signs of Aging 

As much as we love those warm yellow rays, too much exposure without protection can cause premature signs of aging. Over time, sun exposure can cause the elastin in your skin to break down. This often causes your complexion to look less plump and youthful. The best way to fight premature aging is to start with prevention. An excellent way to prompt yourself is to put your sunscreen right next to your facial cleanser so that when you wash your face in the morning, you can be instantly reminded to protect your complexion before you head out into the sun.

You Can Easily Choose a Sunscreen That Works with Your Complexion

Just because it's essential to wear sunscreen daily does not mean your complexion must suffer. Sunscreen gets a bad rap for leaving a white sheen on the skin. The good news is that sunscreen has come a long way, and you don't have to rely on thick creams that leave your skin either oily or dry. There are tinted moisturizer sunscreens that are the perfect balance between skin protection and a beauty product. The tinted moisturizer nourishes your skin with hydration while adding a glow to your complexion. The best skincare brands offer tinted moisturizer sunscreen, providing SPF 50 broad spectrum protection. With options like this, you'll look forward to the glow in your complexion from your tinted sunscreen.

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