The outside environment holds more sway over our complexions than you might expect. With the spring weather warming the air and increasing the humidity, it's time to change your skincare routine to reflect your skin's needs in a warmer and more humid environment. As spring transitions into summer, making these changes in your regimen is more and more critical. Here is a quick guide to swapping out your skincare products for more appropriate warm-weather products.

When to Swap Your Heavy Moisturizer for a Lightweight One

In the wintertime, keeping your skin hydrated in the cold, dry air is one of the most important aspects of your skincare routine. When the weather starts to steadily warm up and the seasons transition from winter to summer, there is much more moisture in the air. You don't have to compensate for the lack of moisture with a heavy moisturizer. Swap it out for something more lightweight to avoid clogged pores and an oily complexion.

Up Your SPF Protection

It's no secret that we gravitate outdoors during the warm seasons. While you should be protecting your skin all year long with a premium sunscreen, you might want to up your protection as we transition to spending more time outside. While SPF 30 broad spectrum protection is excellent for winter, try adding SPF 50 to your routine to protect your gorgeous complexion during the sunny seasons.

Trade Your Creamy Facial Cleanser for a Gel Cleanser

Washing your face in the morning and evening is the best way to maintain your complexion through seasonal changes. Similarly to our winter moisturizers, we tend to gravitate towards creamy, hydrating facial cleansers when we need extra hydration in the winter. It would be best to transition to a lighter facial cleanser, like a gel cleanser, as the environment warms up.

Try a Vitamin C Serum

If you want that summer glow to come from within, you must invest in high-quality vitamin C skincare products like a serum. Vitamin C serum is the ideal product for the warm months because it is lightweight on the skin and absorbs quickly. Vitamin C serums are packed with antioxidants and nutrients that help prevent the early signs of skin aging and help brighten your overall complexion.

Use an Acne Spot Treatment for Humidity Breakouts

The increase in humidity might cause a slight increase in acne breakouts. But that doesn't mean you have to change your whole routine. An acne spot treatment is the ideal product to keep in your cabinet for those occasional breakouts. This is a total life-saver product for those unexpected breakouts. But with a fantastic acne spot product and some other tweaks to your regimen, you can look forward to a smooth seasonal transition.

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