Nowadays, the internet affords us the luxury of unlimited knowledge on whatever subject we choose, including skin health and skincare. But that certainly doesn't mean everything you read or watch online will provide you with accurate information. Popular content-creation platforms often breed and spread misinformation about skincare and how to tackle complex skin conditions and concerns. Here are some of the most popular skincare myths that needed to be debunked yesterday.

Only Teenagers Experience Acne

While experiencing acne as a teenager is very common, it doesn't always go away in adulthood, unfortunately. Many people still experience acne breakouts into their 20s and sometimes 30s, and some even experience it after those ages. So many different things besides puberty can cause acne.

If You Experience Regular Breakouts, Your Skin is Dirty

If you're experiencing ongoing acne breakouts, it doesn’t necessarily mean your skin is dirty and simply needs to be washed more often. You could be experiencing hormonal acne or stress-related breakouts that have nothing to do with cleanliness. While washing your face with a professional-grade facial cleanser is a great first step, you might want to consider looking into an acne spot treatment to help control your breakouts.

"Opening" and "Closing" Pores

There has been a lot of misinformation floating around about products that can "open" and "close" your pores. Unfortunately, your pores are not like windows and cannot be opened or closed. Tightening your pores with toner and serums can help prevent clogged pores and give your face a smooth complexion.

Dark Under-Eye Circles Just Mean You're Tired

Getting a full eight hours or more of sleep per night is never a bad idea to ensure a healthy-looking complexion. But dark under-eye circles are not caused by lack of sleep alone. Many times, that discoloration could be from a lack of blood circulation in your face or an iron deficiency. Either way, consult a skincare professional about which products and practices will best help you control those dark circles.

Your Genetics Tell You How Your Skin Will Age

Genetics can give you some insight into the ways your skin will age. But it is also an unreliable method to help you choose how to take care of your skin. There are a lot of outside factors besides genetics that affect skin aging, and everyone has a unique complexion. By using excellent quality vitamin c skincare and avoiding smoking, stress, and sun damage, you can help reduce environmental stressors and keep your complexion balanced.

Sunscreen is Only Needed in Summer

Sun damage can cause a whole bounty of skin concerns that are much more annoying than just a sunburn. Just because the sun is less intense in the colder months doesn't mean it has disappeared. Look for sunscreen that can hydrate your skin in the colder months and protect it from sun damage. Your complexion will thank you for it in the end.

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